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The DRC government invests in economic diversification and infrastructure and Fonci Invest Groupe collaborates closely with the government for the achievement of the major infrastructure projects in the country.
In its strategic 2018-2023 National Development Plan, for more spatial inclusiveness and to reduce the lack of centrality of the Congolese territory, the DRC government prioritizes activities that structure the Congolese territorial space by means of transport, of course, but also by other infrastructures (beacons, optical fiber, water and electricity production plants, etc.). Mining and agricultural activities will thus be boosted by the presence of energy and transport infrastructure for the processing and disposal of their products. Populations and wealth will no longer be concentrated on the outskirts of Congolese territory, including its capital Kinshasa, as they are now. Telecommunications equipment should target the establishment of the digital economy and other activities that will bring about changes in several sectors, overcoming the constraints of time and place.


The south region of DRCongo is an economic hub, due to its geographic position, the increase of the population and recent development of infrastructure project like construction of the bridge between Kasenga-Chalwe (RDC) and (Zambia), the expansion of the international airport, and development of the rail network.
In response to these trends, Fonci invest Groupe Sarl is investing through its wholly owned subsidiary (land, promotion…).
Fonci invest Groupe Sarl offers high quality accommodations to the population and flexible facilities to manufacturers, logistics companies, trading and mining firms.


By 2030, renewables will account for half of the world’s energy mix. We are targeting to be at inflection point when it comes to the deployment of clean technology and renewables in the DRCongo. Fonci Invest Groupe Sarl is ready to collaborate, finance, and co-invest with companies that promote clean technology and renewable energy, and we are committed to helping to develop market-based solutions to environmental challenges In The DR Congo.
Over the years, renewable energy, clean or “green” energy, sustainability, and corporate responsibility have become primary business concerns, with a measurable impact on consumer and investor interest in all types of businesses. The Democratic Republic of Congo has one of the largest renewable asset. Fonci Invest Groupe Sarl takes a budget and business-friendly approach to renewable power that brings real, sustained economic benefit while ensuring environmentally friendly energy infrastructures.


Fonci Resources Mines Sas is formed in 2021 as an explorer-developer focused on the Democratic Republic of Congo Shield, due to its outstanding perspectivity. Fonci Resources Mines Sas is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development and distribution of Lithium, Cobalt, Gold and other mineral properties in DRC. The Company’s mission is to discover or acquire economic mineralization and follow through where justified with cost effective manner, responsible mine development and production in compliance with local laws and international best practice. Our aim is to create wealth by developing into profitable mines.

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